Modular and scalable 24/7 live monitoring

camera monitoring • day & night mode • remote access



The basis and central element of the iMouse system is the software for online real-time monitoring, data collection and archiving of your research project via computer, smartphone and tablet PCs. The software can be customized. Access to individual cages can be made for several users at the same time. Project data can be shared. For data collection, entire intervals, but also movements in predefined areas of the cage can be recorded.



The installation of up to four camera modules in already existing cage mounting systems and the associated compute units.




Up to four high-intensity and high-resolution cameras serve as the foundation for 24/7 monitoring in real time. Night recordings are possible with IR functionality.




The automatic recognition of animals and the evaluation of associated weight data, drinking and eating behavior, behavioral abnormalities, and experiment-specific changes by means of algorithms.

* in development



The scalable retrofit solution for digitizing your cage system

*) symbolic graphic – final installation is depending on existing retro-fit cage system

The iMouse DIGI FRAME is a retrofit solution that provides 24/7observation and control of laboratory animals for researchers and animal caretakers by means of hardware and software extensions around existing experimental cages.

The collected data can be viewed and recorded in real time.

DIGI FRAME builds on existing systems and is adaptable regardless of manufacturer, as only the racks around the cages are modified and not the cages themselves. DIGI FRAME components are mounted as extensions independent of the existing rack systems and cages. The advantage for laboratory animal husbandry is obvious, as existing systems can be retrofitted and still maintain existing animal husbandry workflows.

For the cameras and compute hardware, we use components that have been tested on the market for many years and are available worldwide. When choosing the software console, the iMouse TV, which enables secure and personalized access to the animals to be monitored, we deliberately chose an open source solution in order to build on existing know-how and reduce dependencies. We thus offer a future-oriented solution for the global research landscape.

A harmonized hardware and software solution is the iMouse system foundation. The necessary integration into the existing IT landscape is an important part of our offer. 



The software system around iMouse for monitoring, data acquisition and evaluation

iMouse TV is the hub for all components from the iMouse portfolio and your gateway to real-time monitoring and data management for your laboratory animal husbandry projects. You can determine who has access to your project data, create workgroups and access the laboratory animals. This makes 24/7 monitoring possible, for example during post-operative observations.

In conjunction with markers on individuals, changes can be recognized in real time based on the video stream, or retrospective analysis of animal behavior can be performed. Simultaneous access by multiple stakeholders is possible.

The recorded data, such as weight, humidity or temperature, are stored directly in the image data. External storage of the data is also possible. By means of algorithms, in the future individuals can also be recognized and behavior patterns or conditions can be evaluated.

Currently available features:

• Real-time monitoring

• Monitoring of up to four perspectives

• Mating control

• Temperature and humidity (per cage)*

• Weight control*

• Remote visual control of:

– Food intake

– Drinking behavior

– Pollution level

– Activity level

* in development



How can the iMouse system be integrated at your facility?

After an analysis of your existing laboratory animal husbandry, IT infrastructure and your personal requirements, the possibilities of an extension, or a retrofit solution, will be presented to you in a project plan with feasibility and timely implementation.


Basic requirements are among others:

• A rack system currently available on the market (Techniplast, Allentown, Zoonlab, … )

• An existing server system in-house, alternatively a server provided by IIoT-Projects

• Network infrastructure (LAN, WiFi, 4G/5G, depending on the expansion level). 

How is the system implemented at your site?

Through us or a certified service provider, the hardware and software components are installed at your site in the following steps:

• The server (software) is integrated into the existing network and the data connection is established.

• The hardware is installed around the existing cage infrastructure.

• Necessary modifications to the existing rack system are installed in exchange. This reduces the on-site installation time. No modifications to the cages are required for the iMouse system.

All work is carried out and recorded in coordination with the animal care specialists and users. The integration of the iMouseTV functionality is a central component. After final evaluation, IIoT-Projects will provide instruction on the system. 





Interested in becoming a part of the transnational´s research future?

The iMouse System is available via simple monthly subscribtion if you fullfill the following requirements:

  • In-house IT support
  • Local server access
  • LAN access at the animal facility
  • Existing mice-rack system to retrofit
What our service models include?
  • Integration with existing server
  • Up to four cameras per cage
  • Branding & Logo integration
  • WiFi or LAN integration (depending on environment)
  • Development partnership
  • PC & App user access (iMouse TV, view only)
  • 1 annual service and service Hotline
  • User training (further group trainings optinal)
What costs* do you have to expect and how does the billing work?

Initial Installation & IT Integration

from EUR 950,- as a one-time fee for the setup of the iMouse system

Service & Support



EUR 89,- / month, per integrated camera

incl. Compute Unit, IR functionality „night view“ and connection to data management platform „iMouseTV“

*all prices are net prices

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